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Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

Beautiful slaves get spanked and whipped

Violeta’s doggy slave

Writhing in tight bondage – a slave"s dream

Beautiful women fucked by electricity

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lesbian rape clips
10:29, 2009-Dec-5

Pussy torture Foot torture

Some lesbian domination story: Months before he had had a video camera system installed in the play room. Now she was stroking his cock long and hard while she licked his balls. She stopped, looked up into his eyes and clamped her strong fingers around the base of his cock. The Master smiled as she looked to him. She looked directly into his eyes as she worked herself. Finally she leaned forward again and began sucking him again. ..

Smokie is just a regular pretty girl with a curiousity for kinky sex. As Mistress Isis spanks her ass and slaps her tits, Smokies pussy gets more wet. Her hands are tied to the ceiling and she is whipped and forced to ride her mistresses cock. She is humiliated by sucking on feet and being foot fucked. She is finished off with a good hard pounding by Isis who has a strong, deep thrust.

Foot torture

Female slaves get spanked/whipped

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Damon Pierce dominates Claire Dames
06:39, 2009-Dec-5

Lesbian domination Needle torture

Little lesbian domination story: Later that night Scuzzy and four other gang members returned to Bob and Rhonda's apartment. They stripped her naked and forced her to get on her knees. They laughed as they watched the terror on the faces of the young couple. You want to become a Widow? he said. Then I suggest that you start begging for you old man's life, Scuzzy said. Bitch, I want you to beg with your mouth, but I don't want words coming out. ..

Sabrina Fox is twisted, contorted and locked down into one severe position after another. Cyd Black designs each scenario to make it harder for Sabrina to breathe, while at the same time ratcheting up the intensity and pain with no mercy, except to provide the desperate and helpless girl an orgasm. She is bound on her back, with her knees pulled up tightly to her chest level, compressing her torso and leaving her cunt wide open for access. She's bound on her stomach and made to arch her back as Cyd holds a leather strap bound around her neck. He uses it to control her, pulling back hard on it to make her to arch up or choke and giving her slack just as she is on the edge of terror to gasp air into her oxygen starved lungs before he pulls her up again. Finally, she is strapped into a brutal version of a clam tie, her upper arms attached to her thighs and her neck to her ankles. Again she suffers and struggles to breathe, with Cyd constantly raising the bar, this time with extremely painful tiny clamps that he places all over the most sensitive areas of her exposed skin before roughly brushing them all off. Sabrina earns her rare orgasms from Cyd only as a means for him to increase the pressure as the flood of pleasure temporarily provides a release from her torment.

Needle torture

Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

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lesbian rape free
03:35, 2009-Dec-5

Bondage directory Needle torture

Some lesbian domination story: She knew she could have at least ten orgasms for every one time he could cum, so why would he miss one or two little pleasure spasms, especially when he was asleep when her need came on her. Please finish me off quick, before I go crazy. Peter Stone scowled at the little blonde as she writhed in her agony of need on his big bed. ,' he said sharply. You must depend on me for all of your needs and you must learn to trust that I will provide for you. ..

Jaelyn Fox makes her return to Whippedass with Bobbi Starr. This was a very emotional experience for Jaelyn but she manages to tough it out. She is punished, suspended upside down, strap-on fucked, licks ass, hot waxed and made to cum. Bobbi Starr does a great job as domme once again.

Needle torture

Women slaves submit to powerful dominatrices

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Amie has huge wooden spike jammed into her tits.
10:24, 2009-Dec-2

Sexual torture Bdsm stories

Some lesbian domination story: Several weeks ago, I broke up with my latest boyfriend. The whole problem, in fact, had NOTHING to do with him. I was bored to death with my sex life. I'm six feet tall, exactly. At 38B,26,37 I'm a little too big to model but I did manage to do a little commercial work when I was in college. What faced me when I kicked Roger out was that I had never had a sexual partner who really excited me. Not that I'm gay my one (relatively recent) fling with an old college roommate said more about the fact that I wanted a change than it did about a lesbian bent. ..

Jade Indica shows up for her first shoot with DB, made up and ready to go, full of energy, flashing perfect teeth and nails at the camera. Seeing this display, cyd decides it would be fun to focus the entire shoot on seeing what it will take to completely drain Jade's stamina. He opts to start with a classic school-house punishment scenario turned sexually sadistic by binding Jades arms to wooden rods and making her hold them perfectly level at 90 degrees. Tight clamps that squeeze harder under tension are attached directly to her nipples and over pulleys to weight filled buckets that are then placed in her hands. Muscle fatigue sets in almost immediately and she begins to tremble and break out in sweat. cyd breaks out the cane to torment her more, stinging her breasts and torso as she struggles to maintain concentration. Already showing signs of exhaustion, but not nearly enough for cyd, Jade finds herself strapped down hard and kneeling over a Sybian fucking machine on a filthy bed. cyd slowly operates the controls while simultaneously choking her with a leather strap, playing with both her oxygen and orgasms until she is near collapse, but decides to give her a hard intense caning before he lets her off to wring out the last bit of endurance she has. Untied and left to rest, she slumps over, completely spent and content.

Bdsm stories

Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

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lesbian rape xxx
10:14, 2009-Dec-2

Female nipple torture Bondage rape

Little lesbian domination story: Ann moved around the desk and got to her knees between his legs. Pull my cock out Ann, we'll see if you have the proper experience you claim to have. Ann was thrilled and scared to see that his prick was about 9 inches long even in it's almost flaccid state. It was drooling pre-come and Ann reached out with her tongue to taste him. She began to lick and suck his prick, hoping to get this over with soon. ..

The very pretty Nicolette Is tied up in a dirty basement and left for Kym Wilde to play with. She gets a forceful cock sucking training in an uncomfortable position, she squirms on the filthy floor while being whipped and commanded to keep begging for more. Clamps make her pussy swollen and then she is fucked hard.

Bondage rape

Lesbian S&M strap-on sex

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CABO the Return, Part 2 ties up Princess Donna and friends.
08:45, 2009-Dec-2

Breast bondage Ball torture

Little lesbian domination story: I could tell that Angelique was about to cum from the sounds she always made just before she climaxed. Yes! Angelique moaned, then in an increasingly higher pitch, Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck! Fuck! Yesfuckohfuckyesohfuck! All at once Angelique shuddered, then her twat pulsed. Michelle's head arched and she plunged her tongue inside Angelique, rocking her face up and down Angelique's pink slit, moaning deep into her cunt. ..

The long awaited and highly acclaimed series is back! CABO the return, Part 3. Cabo part 3 picks up where part 1 left off, the villa. The rest of the girls are taken one by one by Matt out of the living room and into the heat of the Mexican day, to continue their paid fantasy. (See part 1). Darling is cruelly tied in the orchard, Jenya staked out and oiled, and Donna in the tree garden. Jenni Lee is still in the jungle (see part 2), and is brought back, broken by Sgt. Major. Soon all girls are back in Matt's hands, and Jenya is the next to go to the jungle.

Ball torture

Sexy women, helpless, and forced to orgasm

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lesbian teen rape bondage
07:21, 2009-Dec-2

Teen bondage Female nipple torture

A bit of lesbian domination story: She replied, I'm sorry David. You know I loved your dinner and I really love you. I happen to love you too. Perhaps the best way to show you my love is teach you that lesson. Do you know what happens to thoughtless little girls? They get a good spanking. Some how she thought David was merely playing a game. Cindy put on a pouting face and said, Please don't spank me. Apparently she still thought he was only joking. ..

Lorelei is back and dominated by Mistress Trixie, who brings her own domination lifestyle to our dungeon. There is puppy play, an upside down suspension, clothes pins and a hard strap-on fuck.

Female nipple torture

Watch these pain sluts get spanked, whipped, slapped, worship feet, smothered and forced to lick ass in bondage.


lesbian rape threads
05:47, 2009-Nov-30

Sexual bondage Outdoor bondage

Sample of lesbian domination story: Jones. As she pointed them towards Nicola's knees, Nicola stepped back. Making you look respectable young lady. Why was she being treated so horribly? Bowing her head, she stepped back towards her foster-mother clasping her hands demurely behind her back. she whispered, not wishing to anger them further. Jones moved behind her petite five foot body, and gently took hold of the gym-slip's hem. Higher, ordered Mr. ..

Moonshine comes back to Chanta's hotel room at BondCon Las Vegas to submit. She endures hard blows to her tits and pussy along with a fierce face slapping. Her pussy and ass are fucked with the strap-on and then she is cleaned up in the hot tub with some head dunking.

Outdoor bondage

Real whipping and spanking of beautiful women


Brooke Bound clit is stimulated to the point of near hysteria
08:44, 2009-Nov-28

Self bondage Bondage torture

For the third class I made sure I was prepared and arrived early. I arrived first, as usual and placed them on her chair and went back to my normal seat. She arrived five minutes late as usually and then I got my surprise. That was the only reaction I could see from the back of the room where I was. She did seem to wiggle more then normal. I could clearly see the tacks stuck in her bottom. I got back to my chair as quick as possible and waited for her to return. ..

I finally got DragonLily to Hogtied - one of the most exotic women I know. I also watched her beat up Jade Marx on Whippedass that morning. So, I got the idea that Jade might want a little revenge - I found her, bound her and gave her the opportunity to get back at DragonLily. Well, Jade is too nice! She doesn't want to punish DragonLily. I finally figured out how to get Jade to hit DragonLily hard enough, but in the next scene DragonLily got a severe cramp in her leg during a tie and we had to cut the shoot short. We decided to include some BONUS behind the scenes material.

Bondage torture

Hogtied: The sensual world of BDSM. Pictures and video of tight, restrictive bondage. All original, imaginative content. Weekly updates. A huge members area.

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lesbian teacher rape
07:29, 2009-Nov-24

Bdsm movies Bdsm comics

Sample of lesbian domination story: If I give you a list of things that I might do to you, would you be able to tell me honestly what you think of them, then turn the list back to me? They would only have Yes, No, Maybe, beside them, but it is important for us to start there. We smiled, then left the deli, knowing that the next meeting there might be our last before coming together as dom and sub. She could go either way, but it was her decision. ..

Velvet Rose has played with S&M a little in her personal life but nothing quite like Whippedass. She takes anal beads, gets face slapped, spanked, flogged, fucked like never before by Kym Wilde and performs some tasty foot worship.

Bdsm comics

Female slaves get spanked/whipped


New face, Trixie Kitten, experiences tight bondage.
05:41, 2009-Nov-24

Penis torture Bondage porn

Some lesbian domination story: Around the room, several Oooohs! and Aaaahs! were heard as everyone sat on the edge of their chairs and watched with rapt wonder as the first appearance of a wet spot became visible on the crotch of her blue jeans. Nobody took their eyes off of her. While they waited, Steve refreshed the drinks and explained what he had in mind for the rest of the evening. At last, Steve's fantasies would come to fruition. ..

Cloe is the typical girl next door. She went to Homecoming and the Prom every year with her high-school sweetheart. Now she is at college and is back for Thanksgiving break. College must have awakened deep desires within Cloe - and hence her visit to

Bondage porn

Sexy slaves/women are bound into submission

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classy teen lesbian rape
08:16, 2009-Nov-20

Japanese rope bondage Caught in self bondage

Some lesbian domination story: Rosetta was then told to lay out on the floor and masturbate for us. Then Mary and Linda knelt beside her and held her arms and legs, so that she could not continue her fingering and could not prevent me from accessing her slick cunt. When Rosetta asked her not to let me fuck her, Linda instructed me to poke the dildo into Rosetta's cunt. Linda repeated her question and Rosetta just shook her head. ..

Berlin is a hot red head with huge tits and a sexual interest in bondage and strong dominate women. Her natural, honest reactions to Sandras initial teasing and fondling are priceless. In tight rope bondage, her pussy becomes wet quickly. Then, she is put on the back breaker amd those giant tits are wrapped up real tight. A large steel hook is inserted into her pussy making her unable to move. Sandra mind fucks her in this vulnerable position. Then strapped down to the doggy bench, she is forced to cum with a powerful vibrator and gets strapon fucked deep in her pussy. Later, Sandra gets off grinding her pussy and ass all over this bound girls face. In a final extended bonus scene, Berlin loses her mind as she takes an amazing 135 clothespin all over her body!

Caught in self bondage

Female slaves get spanked/whipped

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Lola, 24 year old college graduate, gets a BDSM awakening
01:11, 2009-Nov-20

Torture sextorture stories Bondage girls

Some lesbian domination story: Brother Blister gave a blessing and everyone sat down. Bowls of food were passed around the table and each girl was expected to take a serving. Brother Blister said Susan, you will eat what you are served. Brother Blister said Susan, your back talk is a sign of disrespect which I will not tolerate here. Be sure and save Susan's grits as I am sure she will become eager to eat them. Sister Stone took Susan by the wrist and said come with me young lady for a taste of a just dessert. ..

The typical girl next door. Cute, 19 and her neighbors in her little hometown in Pennsylvania have no idea of her secret life. She comes and goes with groceries, and her mail. No one would expect the cute girl next door to do what she does. Hogtied was Faith's first hard bondage shoot. Any cute neighbor girls living near you?

Bondage girls

Sexy women, helpless, and forced to orgasm

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lesbian rape fantasy clips
06:42, 2009-Nov-16

Bondage pics Women spanking men

Sample of lesbian domination story: She swallowed once, and then, taking care not to speak in a shaky voice, said You agree than, that this was your fault? Indeed, Miss. Again, he gestured toward the door. She went to her car to get her purse, and then walked to the rear door of the Mercedes. Inside was an ordinary-looking middle-aged businessman. I'm sorry, Miss. Are you all right? I seem to be OK, but my car isn't. Well, the car can be fixed like new. ..

Haydee is very shy and naturally submissive. She has the girl next door look with a juicy ass and large natural tits. She obediently takes a good hard spanking by Kym Wilde leaving her ass bright red. Her tits are handled rough and she is humiliated and fucked.

Women spanking men

Genuine submission


Donna and Sarah suffer through a brutal live BDSM ordeal.
00:57, 2009-Nov-16

Foot torture Men in bondage

A bit of lesbian domination story: There lying on her bed, was my daughter, her jeans were off and her panties around only one ankle. Unfortunately she was facing me. You're a great piece of tail Sam, a woman of twenty-five couldn't be better looking. My daughter was masturbating with that slime watching her, ordering her. I realized, Joel had turned his head and was starring right at me. He ordered, while smiling his contempt. His free hand lifting up her tee-shirt and pulling down her bra. ..

I wasn't sure about her. When she arrived to do the shoot she was already nervous. She asked the kinds of questions that models ask when I know it's not going to work. But I needed a shoot, so I decided to try anyway. I didn't make it easy. I wanted her to suffer, to safeword, to be in way over her head. After the interview I stripped her ass bare and planted her on a board of painful spikes and strapped up her legs so she couldn't relieve the pressure with her legs. I let her sit for a long time, so the pain would slowly grow unbearable. I was sure she would break...but she didn't. She took it all, and then took more. She was scared and she was in pain, but she didn't quit. The result is this fantastic update.

Men in bondage

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

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lesbian rape torrent
03:21, 2009-Nov-12

Adult spanking Free bondage pictures

A bit of lesbian domination story: I move up and put the tip of my cock at your lips and slowly slide it into your mouth. I hold your head and slide in and out of your mouth. Very, very naked. Your wrists fastened to the bedposts, your hands in helpless fists. Your hips imperceptibly arching, heaving, your bare pussy swollen and beckoning. This will not do. You want to protest, but with me in your mouth, you can only moan. Your tongue. ..

Trixie Kitten is a very pretty and natural looking girl. She is new to S&M and open to explore her sexuallity. We discovered that she gets extremely turned on when submissive. Princess Kali works her over with a combination of degrading dialogue and punishment. She eventually takes the stap-on for the first time in her pussy and Ass.

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